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Hot Salep

Great Sunday everyone!

The weather is wet and cold so it is time for another luscious warming recipe from my new cookbook - Two Lands of Milk and Honey :

In Israel, boys and girls turning 18 are enlisted to go to the army. Towards the end of my two-year service, I met my future husband to-be Yaniv and his family - I have to admit, it was better than winning the lotto as Yaniv’s mum appeared to be the best cook I ever met! During the cold winter nights, sitting in bed while listening to the rain, Yaniv’s mum used to make and serve us this beautiful warming snack with all the little toppings placed on a large tray - definitely the lotto’s winning number!

Difficulty: easy

Makes: 4 servings


Milk - 4 cups

Extra ½ cup cold milk

Sugar - ¼ cup

Cornflour - 4 tablespoons

Rose water, or Blossom water - a few drops


Cinnamon, almonds, pistachio nuts, chopped walnuts, shredded coconut - 2 tablespoons, mix to taste


1. In a pot, heat the 4 cups of milk with the sugar until it boils, then lower the heat to a medium

2. Mix the cornflour with a ½ cup of cold milk and pour into the cooking pot. Cook while stirring frequently on a medium heat until it thickens up - be careful and keep a close eye on it, as it tends to burn the lower part of the cooking pot

3. Pour into serving cups. Sprinkle almond, coconut, pistachio nuts or walnuts, and a bit of cinnamon

Enjoy !

Hot Salep dessert

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