Terms of Trade


 Quotes are valid for 30 days

 For any line-items with estimated costs, the final cost will be advised at the completion of the service

3. Booking is required. My Home Chef cannot guarantee availability of requested dates unless a booking is made with a booking fee payment, and these terms of trade signed

4. Payment terms:

 A minimum payment of 30% of total cost is required to make a booking

 A minimum of 90% of total cost to be paid no later than 5 business days prior to the date of quoted service

 The remainder of the cost must be paid at completion or delivery of service

 My Home Chef will provide a 5% discount of total cost if full payment is done at time of booking

6. Overdue payments and unpaid amounts:

 Any overdue payment will incur additional charge of 20% of the overdue amount

 Any payments overdue more than 30 days will be referred to a debt collection agency, and customer will be charged with any additional collection and legal fees

 My Home Chef will not provide a service unless payments are made per the payment terms above

7. My Home Chef accepts the following payment options:

 Online bank transfer - usually the preferred option!

 Cash

 PayPal: we charge additional 10% of the total cost. Please contact us if you wish to use PayPal for payment

 Credit/Debit Card: we charge a small fee, which will be added to the total amount

8. Cancellations and refunds: unless indicated otherwise in the quote, the following terms apply to ALL cancellations:

 Customer cancelling a booking up to 30 days prior to event date will receive booking fee back, takeaway $50 service fee

 Customer cancelling a booking up to 5 days prior to event date will not receive booking fee back

 Customer cancelling a booking from 5 days prior to the event, and up to the event date, will not be refunded for payments already made

 If My Home Chef is forced to cancel, customer will be refunded in full

 NZ-based customers refund will be made as online bank transfer into an account number designated by the customer

 Non-NZ customers refund will be made using PayPal only

 Customer must accept and sign the Terms of Trade when a booking is made

9. Gift Vouchers:

 Must be used before their expiry date

 Are strictly valid until the expiry date. My Home Chef may not honour the voucher after that date

 Cannot be exchanged for cash

 Are not refundable