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 Owner and Manager 

 Rita Yosef

Hello my name is Rita and I am  the owner and the manager of My Home Chef cooking school.

I am in charge of the business (AKA THE BOSS).

I am operating all of the School aspects:  Teaching ,purchasing ,HR and admin.

Oh yes!  I am a very busy lady wearing lots of hats (beside my chef's one ) :).

 I  defiantly love love my Job and I invest my heart and sole into the school.

If you want to know a bit more about me you are welcome to press This Button. 

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Cookery Teacher 

 Liv Bensberg 

I am originally from South Georgia, USA, I moved to New Zealand for love and has since become a beloved cookery teacher at My Home Chef. I am known for my Southern hospitality and culinary prowess, also I am quality as a  life specialist and coach. Living with autism, I bring unique insights and a meticulous touch to my cooking classes, creating not just meals, but experiences. My passion for cooking and teaching is evident, making my kitchen a place of joy and discovery for all.


Cookery Teacher 

 Amanda Pichon 

Hi my name is Amanda I am originally from Invercargill.

I currently live in Rolleston with my daughter Emily and my husband Fraser.

I have worked as a chef since I was 16, and have completed a Bachelor of Culinary arts at Otago Polytechnic. In my spare time I love dancing, traveling and spending time with my family.

My food values are deeply rooted in my family values. These are that all parts of a family are important, respect for others and ingredients is indicative of how successful the relationship or dish is, and to cook & care from your heart.


The ability to be myself within my family is when I am truly happy and I cook food to care and nurture for them.

This feeling of safety and comfort I hold dearest and endeavor to portray this in my everyday and professional life. Growing up in a family of incredibly strong matriarchal figures on all sides, I was taught fierce loyalty, independent thinking and a strong sense of tradition. Building a home where everyone was welcomed with vast pots of tea and tins packed full of baking is important to

my family and that feeling of hospitality and welcome is entrenched in my psyche.

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