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My Home Chef - Rita Yosef

About Rita Yosef

Hi, and welcome to My Home Chef.

My name is Rita and I am the director and owner of 'My Home Chef Limited'.

My romance with food started 52 years ago in my grandma's kitchen. My grandma was a great cook and I was practically grow up in the kitchen, looking and tasting the delicious food she and my parents prepared.

My other grandmother was also a talented creative cook and she passed her talent and passion for food and cooking to me. 

Cooking is my life. I live and breathe food and recipes. I read cooking blogs and books, watch cooking /traveling shows and love talking to people about food, and love cooking and creating recipes with fresh locally grown ingredients.

I cook and teach with my students, customers and for my own family.

I’m very creative with my cooking and like to experience, try, and make new recipes and flavours from all around the word.

I was born in Latvia (former Soviet Union) to a warm Jewish family and moved to Israel when I was six.

My husband’s family comes from all around the Middle East. The mix of cultures and my big passion for food gives me an extensive knowledge of a variety of flavours from the Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean, and European cuisines.

I moved with my husband and two children to New Zealand and settled in Christchurch. During this time I have worked in various restaurants, and for private clients.

In 2008, I acquired a formal qualification in Food Preparation and Cooking from ARA Institute of Canterbury ( former CPIT the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology ).


Since then, I opened my own cooking school in Christchurch, Moving it to Rolleston Canterbury three years ago,

Where I teach cook and create. 

Recently I acquired and won the Bronze Selwyn award for Diversity and inclusion 2023 its a great achievement that reflects my passion for helping the community of special needs students to grow their abilities and make them a vital part of our community!


So come meet me, cook with me, and learn about flavours from all around the world!

Looking forward to see you!


Rita Yosef, Director and head Chef

From the Press

The Press,, September 2015.

“...empower Kiwis in the kitchen by helping them to get back to basics”

Metropol Magazine, Decenmber 2016

"...elegant looking and exquisite tasting"

Metropol Magazine, November 2015

“Exceptional catering, and inspiring cooking classes.”

Rolleston News February, 2024
"Her Philosophy is Everyone can Cook !" 
The Press,6 April 2024

"Cooking up independence in special course"



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