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Physical Disability cooking classes  2024

My Home Chef

Now offers a unique program for young adults with special needs and disabilities.

In this program the young adults will be able to learn a life skill, gain confidence, independence, and get involved with their family day to day. 

The "one on one" cooking lessons will improve their motoric, social, numeracy and literacy skills. At those lessons they will learn how to read and understand a recipe, safety in the kitchen,Knife skills, different methods of cooking and baking, exploring spices and herbs and different ingredients.

They will learn new recipes from different cuisines.

As each young adult is unique the lesson will be structured and developed to fit his or hers pace and ability. 


Class info 

The sessions are 1.5 to 2 hours long and include health and safety in the kitchen, knife skills and different methods of cooking and baking. 

The classes work "around" the level and ability of the student and are planned to give confidence and independence and a great start of a professional pathway in hospitality.


The classes are 'One on One' and go for the whole term. 

We had great success with our students.The progress and their enjoyment are showing  at their amazing creations in the kitchen.

The students can take all the food home and as the quality of ingredients is high it's usually enough for 2-4 people to enjoy  (yay no need to cook dinner ! ) :)

Schedule and Prices*

The classes schedule is once a week for each student.


 This is the availability for Term 3*

29th of July 2024 -14th of  September 2024: 

Monday:10am-12pm- *waiting list

Monday: 2pm-4pm - *waiting list 

Tuesday:10am -12 pm -*waiting list 

Tuesday: 2pm - 4 pm -  *waiting list 

Wednesday:10am-12 pm- *waiting list

Wednesday: 2pm-4pm *waiting list 

Thursday:10am-12 pm- *waiting list

Thursday: 2pm -4 pm *-Waiting list

*Prices*:All our students are fully
funded -prices are per term.
Term 2: fully booked
enquiries for Term 3
are welcome !

E- mail:

*our spaces are limited and there is already

a waiting list for few slots of term 3 . 

please get in touch for more information. 


special needs .webp


"My 21 year old son, who is autistic, has always loved food and cooking, so when I discovered the Rolleston-based cookery school, My Home Chef, I was delighted. Rita and her team provide one-to-one lessons for a range of student abilities, embracing healthy, fun and practical recipes that are useful for teaching independence in the kitchen. This includes meal preparation, cooking and baking and practical skills like washing up and food hygiene. Aron has been a student of My Home Chef for two years and I cannot recommend it highly enough, not to mention the fact that we get to taste the amazing food he creates!"


Jo H,  Aron's Mum 

"Rita and her team at My Home Chef are wonderful caring people, with a passion for good food. 

They are excited to share their passion and teach all people with a range of abilities about food.

My daughter loved engaging in the cooking and baking classes and our family loved eating her

creations each week.  She gained many valuable skills in the class and also found a supportive and 

nurturing community where she felt empowered to pursue her dreams".

Kathie " Jo's Mum 

Rita is an amazing, caring and compassionate woman with a natural ability to read her students and meet them where they are in life. My Home Cooking School is one of the few places my son feels comfortable when he leaves the house and is always welcomed with a big squeeze and warm words from Rita, not to mention he comes home and cooks and bakes up a storm in the kitchen. His skills far exceed my own in this department and its entirely down to the patience and education he’s received from Rita. His self esteem improves every time he attends class, along with his independence. The ability to cook both healthy and yummy treats is a life skill that will stay with him forever.


Rachel McLaren -Oliver's mum

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