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My Home Chef - Cooking School

Welcome to My Home Chef 

Are you passionate about food and would like to develop your skills in the kitchen ?

Then you have reached the perfect place!

My Home Chef is a small professional cooking school.

We offer a wide range of classes at different skill levels, and a variety of cuisines to match your taste and interests.

Our motto is: 'everyone can cook!' and with the life-long experience and knowledge of our chef Rita, you can become a great cook too, and gain an important life skill to pass to your kids and family.


At My Home Chef we promote healthy, fresh ingredients, but also add unique home-made spices to get the extra special flavours. We are passionate about teaching and educating, as much as cooking unique dishes designed specifically for your needs and taste buds.


Two Lands of Milk and Honey Cook Book 

Let me introduce myself - I am Rita, founder and owner of My Home Chef cooking school, a chef, foodie, wife, mum, daughter, sister, and of course - teacher! My Romance with food started 40 years ago in the family kitchen.

My Home Chef - Mediterranean Cuisine

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My Home Chef Cooking School

Special Needs Classes *Classes Starting in
 4th of March 2024 

My Home Chef now offers a unique program for young adults with special needs and disabilities.
In this program the young adults will be able to learn a life skill, gain confidence, independence, and get involved with their family day to day. 

My Home Chef - Black Forest Trifle
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