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My Home Chef Classes

My Home Chef Cooking School

We offer a wide range of classes from group classes to private "one on one" lessons. You can have a lesson in the comfort of your home or you can come to our cooking school.

Classes can be customised to your abilities and duration.

The Classes are operating from our new location in Rolleston 


A romantic dinner for two; family or friends gathering, Social clubs or a birthday celebration for your kids. There is something for everyone!​


All classes include ingredients, herbs and special spices with a full recipe booklet.


Duration of each lesson is 1- 4 hours. You are welcome to bring your own drink, and have a fun relaxing night.​

Group classes -starting $125 per person (minimum 4 participants)

Our very popular Demo and Dinner class of up to 6 people - including a three course meal.

Private group classes of up to 4 people - hands-on practical class - up to 4 people.

Location :Rolleston 

Off site at your home or Chosen location 

Groups up to 20 people "hands on" practical class --including a three course meal. 

A great idea for social clubs and work places or for a big group fun activity. It's a wonderful way to interact, meet new people, and enjoy good food -- So bring your friends along and enjoy a great three course meal!

Romantic dinners for couples - $280 - for two 

Hands-on practical lesson or demo, including a three course meal.

A great way to bond ! cook together a three course meal and sit and enjoy in a private, romantic candle light set up.

Kids and Teens cooking classes - From $75 per person 

A fun and interactive practical class of up to 4 kids or teens teaching the younger generation a life skill they will have forever; a great idea for birthday parties too.

One on one private practical lesson - From $180 for one on one cooking class 

A private class with all the focus on you, your abilities and pace. Customised to your interests, duration and number lessons you wish to take.

Click to learn more about what's in the lessons.

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Upcoming Classes

New classes coming in March 2022

special program for passionate little chefs but we are have space for enthusiastic beginners also !

For more details please email to 

Term 1- Kids Cooking Class - $75 pp 

Middle Eastern & Mediterranean dinner 


Ew!, Yuck! 'What for tea' oh its Boring..! Does that sound familiar in your household?

How would you like to be taught to prepare a yummy, healthy and scrumptious dinner?

In our Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Gourmet dinner for kids class, you will learn how to make Middle Eastern delicious dishes find out  about the different cuisines, pick up some knife skills, great tips and cooking techniques from our chef Rita.

Students Participants will:

Learn how to be confident, safe and hygienic in the kitchen.
Cook delicious healthy meal!

Use foods that are full of nutrition.
Learn the why's and how's of cooking, creating a foundation for growth!
Will learn to cook a meal without processed sugar that tastes fantastic.
Will use fresh grown vegetables and fruit with fresh herbs from the garden
Participants take home a food quantity sufficient for themselves (but parents can still taste!).
Maximum 4 Children per class for a safe hands-on experience.

These classes run for 11/2  hour , per lesson including cleaning leaving the kitchen nice and tidy !

The cost is $75.00 per class. (including online processing payment fee)This cost includes all food used and hands on experience. No hidden extras.

You need to bring containers to take home their delicious creations. Eat a snack before coming, so you are fully focused for the cooking programme ahead. Apron and hats will be supplied.

please wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes


(The 11/2 session includes cleaning up and shared afternoon tea with a cup of a hot or cold drink. Alternatively, you can choose to take the food home). 

For more questions please contact My Home Chef 027-77-260-22

Class size: open only if there minimum 4 students

Age: 6 -13

Location: My Home Chef kitchen

Rolleston  (adress will be supplied when enrolled to class)

Kids Cooking class
French Gourmet Class
Healthy Cooking
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Special Needs Classes

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What's in the lessons?

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*Refund & Cancellation Policy:

If you cannot attend a class, you may send a replacement. Please let us know as soon as possible as we may be able to arrange a replacement for you. However, if your place is left empty on the day, there will be no refund of the class fee.
Sometimes we have to cancel or change a class. In that event, participants will be invited to transfer their booking to another class or receive a full refund.

Delicious Israel - A banquet celebration of authentic dishes 

Israeli cuisine was created combining local dishes by people native to Israel and dishes brought to Israel by Jews from the Diaspora. Since before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, and particularly since the late 1970s, an Israeli Jewish fusion cuisine has developed.

Israeli cuisine has adopted, and continues to adapt, elements of various styles of Jewish cuisine, particularly the "Mizrahi", Sephardic and Ashkenazi styles of cooking. It incorporates many foods traditionally eaten in Levantine, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, and foods such as falafel, hummus, msabaha, shakshouka, couscous, and za'atar are now widely popular in Israel.

With its kaleidoscopic colours, aromatic scents and vibrant produce it’s no wonder that Israeli cuisine is in the spotlight. During this class you will be taken through the cornerstones of Israeli cooking as you will demonstrate and enjoy a mouth

watering feast.

Flavours of Asia

Travel with me to different Asian cuisines with flavours from China, Japan, Thailand and Indian cuisines. Learn how to cook easy healthy recipes using aromatic spices and herbs. Enjoy different flavours and textures using local and Ethnic ingredients.

French Gourmet 

Bonjour! Let’s travel to different parts of France and discover the amazing flavours from the fine dining nation! In this class you will learn how to prepare some of the traditional French dishes and how to match good wine to those dishes. Experience this seven-course meal with the flavours of Paris, Nice and Marseille and other amazing places!

Healthy Cooking class 

Do Vegan, Paleo, GF/DF sound scary? Not at all! Learn how to cook delicious three course dinners using fresh and local ingredients, and seasonal vegetables and fruits, all while incorporating spices and ingredients that are good for your body. Learn how to eat by the season and which spices to use, and enjoy a great DF/Gf/Paleo/Vegan three course meal.

Italian- cooking - Not just pizza and pasta! A feast from Italian cuisine 

For hundreds of years Italian cooking has followed a very simple principle: food is best when it's cooked fresh and in season. I am a great fan of Italian cuisine, and a firm believer that cooking is an art, not a task. Italian food is more than a form of nourishment; it's a way of life in a country where family, friendship and feasts are all indelibly linked. Italian food is simple, vibrant and good for you. From roasts to risotto, pasta to preserves, soups to sauces, Italian food is popular all year round. Italian food is highly famed: greatly loved and tirelessly imitated the world over, it has been a source of endless pleasure and "joie-de-vivre" in countries far and wide. Italian food is not just for Italians, but for everyone.Come and Join the chef in exciting cooking class and learn there is more to Italian cooking then Pizza and Pasta ! 

Mexican Fiesta 

Learn how to cook traditional authentic Mexican dishes; see how the Mexicans use seafood and chocolate in their traditional cuisine, and how to use the big variety of amazing spices and fresh ingredients. Watch the demonstration and have a delicious three course Mexican fiesta!

Middle Eastern 

Learn how to cook using the flavours and classic traditions of the Middle East. Find out about the secrets of traditional cooking passed by generations and enjoy the taste and smells of the unique spices.


Learn how to cook using the rich flavours, spices and ingredients of North Africa. Enhance your knowledge and your food preparation skills. Learn about the history of food in this part of the world. Watch food preparation during class sessions and try the unique dishes. 

Spanish Tapas

Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers or snacks in Spanish cuisine. They may be served cold or hot. In Spain, patrons can order many different tapas and combine them to make a full meal. Learn how to create amazing Tapas from Spanish and Mediterranean Cuisines; try the amazing flavour combination, and learn new ideas and tips from the chef. The only thing left is to sit back and enjoy a beautiful meal!

Middle Eastern Cuisine 
My Home Chef - French
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