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*Gluten Free Options Available

High Tea Menu


Creamy egg &watercress / spring onion sandwiches*

Cucumber roll sandwiches*

Chicken and almond *

Salmon and herbed cream cheese *

Radish with green onion butter*


Scones with jam and cream

Vanilla bean scones

Date scones with whipped caramel butter

Gingerbread scones with lemon glazed icing

Pumpkin parmesan scones


Chocolate Banoffee pies

Chocolate eclairs

Orange and almond palmiers

Custard fruit tarts *

Passionfruit curd & coconut tarts


“Krembo” (French meringue in chocolate) *

Mocha puffs

Macaroons *

Little cakes

Carrot cakes*

Fig and walnut friands

Orange blossom Friands

Black forest gateaux

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